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Control and Electrical Engineering

Our team is a global leader in designing and deploying large scale distributed control architecture across many platform. Our seamless control platform ties the embedded system to machine control to upper level application software to back end database to cloud-based web application. Our designed system ties thousands of servos, VFDs, robotic application, machines, info management system to distributed industrial solutions.

Our expertise on control architecture

 We design advance motion control solution for multi axis Robotic application
 We integrate Digital I/O, Analog I/O, PWM across the
 Ether Cat
 Can Bus, CanOpen bus
 Asi bus
 ControlNet, DeviceNet, ProfiNet etc
Our designed Sorting system with Fluence Automation deployed in Amazon Hyden sorter

Control Engineering: PLC and Software for motion control

Our designed control system for Fluence Automation USA, deployed in Amazon

Our team solve complex motion control system by integrating PLC control with the PC based application. We facilitate real-time communication with the PC application with the Servo, PLC and Robotics.

Our PLC and motion control software

 We write large scale PLC and motion control software using Structured Text, FBD, SFC, LD and IL
 We have created solution in many platform
 RSLogix for Allen Bradley
 Codesys for Lenze, Nidec etc
 Simatic for Simens
 Melsoft for Mitsubisi
 Cx Programmer
 Machine Control studio

Our Control Software manage: Automatic Passport Retrieval and Counter delivery Robot

Unmanned Fully Automated pick and delivery to the counter

Our Control architecture seamlessly integrate: IOT solutions over cellular network

Control and monitor your industrial or home equipment's and sensors from anywhere in the world. We manage the secure connection through our proprietary data encryption methodology.

IOT Controller

 Can be accessed over the web
 Can be accessed over the cellular network from any remote place
 Use mesh network to communicate to central server with Radio frequency without needing a tower or cellular connection
 Can be powered by battery, solar or wind
 Remote control of the Motor, Lights, AC
 Remote control of Gates, V/Vs, Pumps
 Monitor Water level, moister content, fluid flow, fluid pressure from remote location across the globe
 Hardware level authentication and data encryption for enhanced security

Our Control software manages : Sorters and Material handling solutions

qMultiple sorters options
ØPrimary loop sorter
ØMix Mail Linear sorters
ØMini Induct sorters
qLoop Sorter
ØThroughput 40,000/ Hour
Ø360 cells
qMix Mail Sorter
ØThroughput 7200/ Hour
Ø100 Bins
ØUse 4 NBS sorter
ØUse 4 modular belting sorter
Supporting Mix Mail Sorters
Primary Loop Sorters

Our control guide robots to cut strap: One stop 3D_Imaging and processing for advance robotics

Our proprietary Multi spectral 3D imager integrated to our motion control architecture

 Locate the position on a surface
 Measure the CG
 Use CG info for accurate targeting system
 Use Laser based ranging solutions
 Locate defects
 Locate straps and guide robot to cut
PDS improve the sorting accurecy! 3D imaging by advanced laser technology deployed in US Postal service

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