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Mission for Acluster LLC in East Asia

Our initiative is to incorporate our proven state of art technology to integrate Logistic with ecommerce solutions under one single platform. Be a leader in the logistics, distributions, click to Delivery solutions.

Areas of interest:

 Identify the areas in existing logistic, distribution facility to improve efficiency.
 Introduce efficient logistic design with high throughput and automatic goods handling system.
 Maximize the utilization of warehouse with minimum number of resources, automate sorting of the goods and establish single click to delivery system.
 Reduce the number and sizes of warehouses around the country and reduce the transportation vehicles by most efficient distribution system which will improve the operating cost for delivery of goods. 
 Increase profit margin of the company by freeing up the cash which can be invested for business investment
 Create new employment and supply chain.
Acluster LLC provides customized solutions as required !

Bin Multiplexing


Reduce cost of sorter by improving the bin density


Right fit for smaller facility


Easy for operator

Sorters – Our modular belt sorters with Bin Multiplexing
Sorters – Our NBS sorters with Bin Multiplexing
Sorters – Our NBS sorters with Bin Multiplexing
Sorters – Our Mix mail sorters with Bin Multiplexing
Sorters – Our Mix mail sorters to Deutsche Post with Bin Multiplexing

Sorters – Our Mix mail sorters

qMultiple sorters options
ØPrimary loop sorter
ØMix Mail Linear sorters
ØMini Induct sorters
qLoop Sorter
ØThroughput 40,000/ Hour
Ø360 cells
qMix Mail Sorter
ØThroughput 7200/ Hour
Ø2 to 360 Bins
ØNBS sorter
ØModular belting sorter
ØBall top sorter
qBin Multiplexing
ØReduce cost of sorter by improving the bin density
ØRight fit for smaller facility
ØEasy for operator
Supporting Mix Mail Sorters
Primary Loop Sorters

Typical Sorter Layout we sold to DHL

Typical System Layout
qDumping Station
ØManual or Automated
ØAs needed by customer
qSeparation System
ØSingulate the bulk mail
ØAs needed by customer
qPrep and Gapping
ØSeparate mail automatically
ØGap it to optimize throughput
qDynamic DWS
ØDimension, BCR, OCR
ØDisplay warning and info
qLabel Applicator
ØApply variable length label
ØAs needed by customer
ØPresort mission critical mail
qLanes to secondary sorter
ØProduct can go to multiple sorter or multiple induct
ØAs needed by customer

Our new services: Automated Mix Mail Sorting sold to DHL

Logistic for everyone including our competitors!


qHigh capacity automated Mix Mail Sorting
ØProcess, sort and deliver all Flats mail and Packages
ØSort all Parcels for the other courier services and deliver to their hub or clients
üMake it cheaper for them to deliver the mail by offering bulk mail discounts
üThey can concentrate in collection
Ø Sort and delivery the parcel originated from the eCommerce hub
ØSort inbound mail to the carrier route for faster and quicker delivery
ØImprove the security of our customer parcels since it will be mostly handled by the automation
ØAutomate inspection of the contraband and suspected products will help improve the law enforcement
ØTracking of all the goods
ØAutomatic Data collection will help future expansion and business analytics

Automated eCommerce Fulfillment center in Amazon, California

Designed, installed and commissioned by Fluence Automation and Acluster LLC. Expecting an order over 60 million USD for year 2020.


Acluster LLC is responsible for system design and control design.

Sorters – Letter sorting

qLetter sorting
ØThe Criterion Apex DM handles direct mailpiece designs that are highly creative and include non-standard shapes and sizes
ØPowered by our NetSort® software to achieve optimal productivity and meet standard and advanced postal requirements and discounts
ØExtensive features for pre-sorters, including mail.dat® preparation and interface to PostalOne!
ØNetSort software supports our Digital Co-mingle workflow by integrating with our BCC Mail Manager™ postal software, helping you to optimize address quality and postage discounts.
ØMICR detection and reading
ØWayMark® in-line weighing (36,000 p/h)
ØHigh-speed labeler (41,000 p/h)

Sorters – Basic sorting using sort to Light

qFor inbound packages…
ØCaptures information for input into Warehouse Management
ØFull-featured, automated DWS (Dimension/Weigh/Scan) with 300+ DPI image resolution for
Øindustry-best OCR-BCR performance
ØAutomates generation of Shipping/Manifest labels with high definition bar-codes
ØEnables shipping discounts with Consolidation House/Expedited Couriers

Dynamic DWS- 6 Sided Scan Tunnel and Weigh-in-Motion

q6 Sided scan tunnel
ØPlaced strategically to route the product and early separations
ØRecord material images and upload to the web
ØData collections
qTunnel results are packed and forwarded to Software system
ØProduct Tracking software will now assign a unique ID and track the product through their lifetime which ends at delivery scan
ØProduct tracking software will report to the Sorter controller and request for a sort destination
qPackage will be handed over to the Inducts
Acluster LLC USA solving logistic

Dynamic DWS- 6 Sided Scan Tunnel and Weigh-in-Motion

Acluster LLC provides innovation in creation
qDynamic DWS
ØIn motion Weighing
ØData package
ØDouble detection
ØGap detection

Static DWS- Encoding system with Static DWS

qStatic DWS and data encoding
ØStatic Weighing
ØData package
ØLow cost solution
ØEntry to Sort to Light solutions
ØImage harvesting for tracking
ØLabel generation

Convergence, divergence modules and Conveyor track

qMultiple Convergence modules
ØNeeded to send the product to a distained loading dock if sort to truck
qMultiple Divergence modules
ØNeeded for rerouting of the products or tray
qConvergence  Divergence modules Conveyors
ØWe reduce power consumption with the use of ZPA conveyor
ØUse of roller conveyor increase the product density
ØSimpler maintenance
ØProduct tracking information is stored in the location and never lost
ØUse of belted conveyor as needed by the system

Convergence and Divergence!!

One stop 3D_Imaging and processing for advance robotics

ØLocate the position on the tray
ØMeasure the CG
ØUse CG info for accurate bin placement
ØLocate accidental doubles in the system
ØReduce mis-sort
ØBetter prediction of the Bin fill level
ØDiagnosis of the Cell health
ØUse Laser based ranging solutions
PDS improve the sorting accuracy! 3D imaging by advanced laser technology

Collaborative robot and worker robots

Collaborative robot and 3D scanning robot integration
Dedicated worker robots aided automation
qWorker robots
ØMake Pallets
ØLoad unload Truck
ØDoes repeated task
ØSelf diagnostics and auto isolation
qCollaborative robot
ØCan work with human side by side
ØCan be used for 3D, laser, Xray scanning for inspection or imaging
ØAid human by picking the product or helping with the tools

Inducts by Robots or Human

qAuto induct
ØGet authorization from the Sorter Controller and place the product on the sorter by Servo controlled synchronized metering system
ØPrecision placement by using Opto encoder modules
ØConstant Torque Fast Accel Decel Drive for quick sync
ØSelf diagnostics and auto isolation
qManual Induct or Robotic pick and place
ØProduct is placed on the Semi automatic induct by the operator from the bulk mail
ØDirect placement of the product on the sorter by pick robot
Manual Induts

Technology needed : Distributed Software platform

Software, nop worries. Its just a bunch of text files....

A cloud based enterprise level software which ties all the machine controls, mail tracking system, ecommerce system, payment methods and security together…


qEnterprise level software
ØDesigned for eCommerce
ØParcell and Letter Mail applications
ØSupports current and future postal / logistic Services
ØIntegrated OCR and BCR
ØIntegrated VCS call
ØDatabase interface
ØMIS interface
ØUSV Rack interface for machine controls
ØInterface to Sortplan management system
ØSort plan generator
ØInterface to the PDA and cell phone APPS
qReceiving Station Options
ØComputer Workstation
ØTablet Based
qBoth can be used together
ØNote quantity and condition
ØWeb Based Client access to the system
ØRemote tracking
ØRemote viewing
ØRemote stats monitoring
ØCarrier Scan
Seamlessly connect receiving scan to delivery scan and update all the devices across the platform

System Aid: Labeling of ¼” to 36” height products: RAPTOR

qRaptor for Click to delivery processing solutions
ØHigh speed labeling solutions
ØPrint and Apply
ØOn Demand variable length labels on the fly
ØCan handle product height ¼” to 36”

System Aid: Example of our Auto dump to DHL and Thrift book

qAutomatic Dumping and Hoppers
ØNeeded for introduce mail in the automation
Fully automated Dumper,. Helping hand as needed

System Aid: Our system example to Russia post, TNT and USPS

Fully automated system will need many conveying components
qSupporting equipment's
ØNeeded for introduce mail in the automation
ØCorrection and separation of the products
ØElevators for the Tray management system
ØRight Angle Turn (RTU)
ØAutomatic Tray handling system

Robotic Tray loading and unloading system

qAutomatic Tray handling system
ØNeeded for loading and unloading a tray when goods are stored in a packages in a tray
Automated Tray handling system

Click to delivery Solution

Automated Tray handling system

q  Click to delivery processing solutions

q  Crate daily work orders

q  Create packing list

q   Auto create custom box for the items in the ware house during the packing process

q  Auto fill packing materials for safe packing

q  Compare and find best price courier

q  Apply necessary shipping labels

q  Measure weight, dimensions and BCR

q  Create shipping manifest

q  Sort to the carrier

q  Palletization

q  Send tracking info to customer

q  Create necessary custom documents (ITMATT)

Videos: Automatic Packaging and Click to delivery system

q  Click to delivery processing solutions

q  Automatic Cartoon wrapping Machine

q  Make shipping box based on the customer product size before shipping

Videos: Automatic Parcel Encoding system

Amazon Y Sorter -- video

Our ecommerce solution for Amazon in Ontario, CA. World’s one of the largest fulfillment centers, capable of processing 1 million ecommerce delivery per day.

Ø  Automatic bulk mail management to the semi Auto Prep

Ø  Semi Auto Prep for product placement

Ø  Automatic Gapping and throughput management


Ø  Sorting

Ø  Reject Handling

Ø  Data management

Mixed mail (Letter, FLATS and Parcel) sorting

q  Mixed Mail Processing

q  Letter and Flats are processed through the automated mail Feeder or manual prep station

q  Parcel, FLATS and letter is inducted through separate semi-automatic prep handling system

MLOCR/BCR Compact High-Speed Sorter

Letter mail sorting

Criterion Apex® DM: Versatile, High-Speed Mail Sorter – Video


Currently in use by Canada post

Our Solution for Thrift Book USA

Bulk mail handling system

Ø Automatic bulk mail management to the semi Auto Prep

Ø Prepare mail for the operator

Ø Pace the operator to increase the throughput

Ø Robust and economic solution

Ø Backbone of Thrift Book business

Our Solution for Thrift Book USA

High Speed (HS) Roller Divert — Video

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