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Click-To-Delivery: eCommerce Hub with automatic storage and retrieval

Offer state of art Click to Delivery solutions to our clients, making them the leader in ecommerce service in South East Asia. This will open opportunities to deliver goods and services across our borders to the neighboring countries by right partnerships with the global giants and the friendly nations.

qHigh capacity ecommerce hub integrated to Automatic Storage Retrieval System

ØStore customer products in oursecured state of art warehouse

üDiscounted price for small businesses

üA negotiated price for storage for large business based on their transactions

ØClick to Delivery services

üOur Cloud portal integrated to our ecommerce platform take orders from individual or through clients interface

üRetrieve stored goods from the customer inventory and process for delivery including packaging if necessary

üShip to their customers leveraging high capacity Mix Mail Sorting technology

üUpdate our clients and their customers on the shipping and tracking

üReplenish notification to our clients

üAutomatic storage of clients goods when received

Click-To-Delivery: SARS Gantry-Robot

A possible system Top View which I designed for a USPS project

q  Storage and Retrieval Gantry Robotic solution

Ø  Needed for Fast storage retrieval system

Ø  Completely Autonomous system

Ø  Handle anything and everything

Ø  No Baby-sitting needed!

Handle Crates, Pallets, Trays, Cases with world fastest storing and retrieving capacity

Click-To Delivery platform: Integrate POS

Time to integrate POS across the platform including the retail store, Bills and internet shopping.

q  Generate revenue through existing POS system

Ø  Integrate with Click to Delivery

Ø  Integrate with retailer

Ø  Integrate Business inventory system, Payroll and Accounting with the POS for the small business

o   That will increase its popularity

o   Will able to order the inventory

o   Will able to sell product which is not on the self but on the ecommerce Hub

Click-To-Delivery: Receiving the Inventory

q  Clients Inventory arrival

Ø  Can arrive in Postal approved Tray through loading dock of the Hub

Ø  Can arrive in Boxes through the loading dock of the super center

Ø  Will then be routed through the tunnel and conveyor system to the ecommerce Hub

Ø  Can arrive in Pallet

Ø  Can Arrive in crates like Coca Cola crates

q  Need conveyor to handle the Tray

q  Tray loading and unloading mechanism

q  Pallet handling System

q  Crate handling system

q  Can come as loose items which will need to be packed through our automatic packaging system before shipping

q  All items received are authenticated by the Human or AI based product verification and defects detection software

Clients inventory can arrive in Tray, Boxes!

Click-To-Delivery: Receiving the Inventory

Arival Scan
Hub operator place on the Bin in her or his station
Opened and placed in a tray
Robots take the shelf and place them in the warehouse space of the HUB

q  Clients Inventory arrival

Ø  Arrival Scan by an associate

Ø  Data is updated to the Inventory Management Software (IMS) and a location on the rack is assigned by the Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

Click-To-Delivery: Receiving inventory-Robot

q  Unmanned robotic space

Ø  Reduction of loss of items since robot is the only allowed worker to work in this space

Ø  Robot takeover the shelf from the Stocker Associate and place them in the warehouse space as directed by WMS

Ø  Robots Navigation system needed

Ø  Robots Charging station needed

Ø  Robot get charged while resting

Ø  Never go for a smoke break!

Ø  Does not Call Sick!

Ø  Impeccable work ethics

Dedicated space for Robots
Clear separation between Robots and the Stocker/Picker

Click-To-Delivery: Dispatch Bay

Time to Deliver the Promises!!

q  Multiple Dispatch bay

Ø  Directly connected to the truck

Ø  We design efficient ergonomic state of art dispatch bay

Ø  We automate seamless movement of millions of goods every day

Click-To-Delivery: Remote Video Coding System and Control Room

q  Unresolved images of the product by automation

Ø  Image from the Six-sided tunnel is sent to a remote operator to get a sorting destination as the product wait on the sorter

Ø  If a destination is assigned, then product will be sorted out to right Bin

Ø  If operator can’t resolve, then the product will go the reject bin for human intervention

Unresolved images are forwarded to a remote encoder
Control Room

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