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Our CTO service by our top technologist with many international patents will enable company owners and top managers to have someone with industry experience to guide them through accusation of large-scale industrial project or their design team in selecting and managing the right consultant or company or engineering solution on behalf of the owner or the CEO. Our expertise includes mathematical modeling, concept simulation, business “use cases” modeling, straw man conceptualization, Robotics integration, machine vision, machine learning, eCommerce fulfillment center design, postal automation, factory automation, auto-ID, camera based and X-Ray inspection systems for the industry. We are committed to provide a complete and proven technology solution for the project, leveraging many years of experience in the process automation and engineering innovation. As an expert solution provider and designer, the company has worked in many partnerships. Partnering with PostIs USA and Fluence USA it has designed many solution which is deployed globally by Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, General dynamics, USPS, DHL, UPS,UK Mail, Russia Post, Canada Post, Sick AG, Amazon etc…

Benefit of Service

A CTO confirms that all software is designed following the correct state machine and right implementation of design patterns.

              • ·        System evaluation for cost optimization

                ·        System integration and Expert installation

                ·        Mechanical System calculation

                ·        We provide training and Maintenance contract

                ·        Mechanical, Electrical, Software interface design

                ·        Implementation of ECR

                ·        Control interface design

                ·        Case Studies

Professional Team
Our team consists of system engineers, software engineers, control engineers, electronics engineers, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers.
Delivery on Time
Our team is committed towards onetime delivery with an efficient project schedule.
Quality Products
We implement quality in every process of the design and delivery lifecycle.

More information

We examine the engineering project

We verify all engineering calculation, verify system constrain, choose the solution by modeling accusation economy vs operational economy and verify cost effectiveness.

Risk assessment and mitigation

We will identify critical components, create test requirements for the critical components, and assess the project plan to eliminate collision or jumping to reduce the potential loss from a failed project.

Business case compliance

We have a measure matrix for Infrastructure assessment, Safety and Hazard assessment, Exterior planning, Interior planning, and Transportation Requirements.

Design evaluation

We follow strict procedure for design evaluation: Evaluate the project for use of sound math and physics, Simulation modeling, Throughput calculation, Define multi system handshake mechanism and even Create procedure for In-house assembly, integration and testing of the system, to meet or exceed published throughput rates.

System compliance for future enhancement and deliverables

An acquired system can be forever tied to the original manufacturer for future support or enhancement, because all the interface was kept propitiate to the manufacture. That will tie the growth of the business to the performance of the original manufacturer and the future enhancement or expansion can be curtailed by the high price demand from the manufacturer or designer.

Test support

No engineering project success can be guaranteed without proper unit testing. A single untested component can take down a billion-dollar project if in the critical path! Our solution for that is to create clearly defined unit test requirement for the project or the system and create documents entailing test fixtures for load testing of the motors, I/O, PWM, Analog I/O, communication devices, software, mechanical and electrical devices.

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